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Hartman Muffler Mod Details

Mike Hartman has been sharing his muffler modification for sound (and performance?) on the web for years.  It's cheap and relatively easy with the right resources at hand.

While I have not done the Hartman modification myself, I created this page for those that wish to and need the info.

Let me know if  the info is correct and if it worked for you or not.  Also, I'm not an expert on this mod, so I can't help you much if you have questions.

Diagram of mod, not sure what stock diagram would look like.  (Please send a stock drawing if you've torn down a stock muffler for comparison)

Hartman Mod directions in MS Word (click here)

Hartman Mod decibel comparison chart in MS Excel (click here)

Mark from Sweden's info:  (click here)


Another variation below...

Ed L. from the forum has this variation of the mod. in his own words:

"The below photos and a diagram are of the exhaust mod that I did on my '02 Savage. It is pretty straight forward and is real close to the original Hartman mod that I got off of Pete. The only real difference is that I didn't weld the elbow on the pipe that goes into the muffler. The metal on the end of the muffler is thin enough so a hole saw could be used to cut out the end of the muffler instead of cutting with a torch. To keep the hole saw from wandering a round piece of wood could be shoved into the end of the pipe, this way there would be a nice clean edge to weld the muffler back together with instead of the mess I made with a torch. All in all the project was a bit involved, would of been easier to weld it back together if I had pulled the muffler off of the bike."



Happy Hacking!

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